Barge Repair


Our last big job was helping an offshore demolition outfit demobilize their equipment, load it on several barges, and secure it for transportation back to Boston from Bay St Louis in South Mississippi.


A welder cuts away a damaged hatch and prepares for installation / weldout of a new one.

This crane was placing this small work barge on top of another work barge to be welded down.

A work crew heads offshore to begin securing the 100 ft spuds to the transportation barge

These 100 foot spuds need to be secured to the barge for the trip up the coast. We secured the spuds, along with a lot of additional equipment by building stanchions and then welding them to the equipment and the barge. 

The stanchions were cut from 10 inch I beam into 6 foot pieces. The 16 X 16 half inch place was welded to both ends. There were some 60 stanchions in all that had to be made to complete the job.


Broken spuds waiting to be welded.

A welder squares up a spud in preparation for a weld repair.

Can you imagine something this big breaking in half? The spuds on this barge broke and had to be welded a total of six times.

This was at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS about 2 weeks after Katrina. The barge (not show) was being used as as a work platform for one of the tracked shears.